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Setting The Stage

The idea of staging a home for sale is a relatively new concept that is becoming increasingly popular.  Generally speaking, the idea of staging a home is to present the home in its best possible light by highlighting its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses.  The goal is to help the Seller to sell their home […]

Elvis Is Almost In The Building

Actually, several Elvis have arrived for Collingwood’s 13th Annual Elvis Festival which is the largest of it’s kind in the world!  For the next four days, thousands of visitors from around the world will come to remember the life and career of Elvis Presley who passed away 30 years ago.  There are numerous events planned […]

Hey Bus Driver – Nice Set of Wheels Ya Got There

Back in 2000, a wide-reaching community consultation project in Collingwood resulted in a set of recommendations called, Vision 2020: A Blueprint For Collingwood. Among others, it identified some of the core values of our citizenry including the desire to be a more inclusive, pedestrian friendly and environmentally responsible town.  These visions were later incorporated into […]

Average Property Prices – How Do We Compare?

A table in a recent CMHC Housing Market Report took a look at the price of properties sold on Multiple Listing Services ® in Ontario from 1990 to 2005.  In 1990, the average sale price of a home on the report was $173, 775, five years later it was $183,841 and by 2005 it was […]

Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection Matters

I always strongly recommend to my buyer clients that they conduct a final inspection of their new property on the day set for closing the deal before their lawyer completes the registration.  This usually involves a quick walk through to make sure that the structure is in essentially the same condition as when they made […]

You Are How Old?

Just read a very interesting post this morning on another local blog:  The East-End Underground which reports on and analyzes some Stats Can data on the average ages in our local communities.  Did you know that almost a quarter of the population in Wasaga Beach is over 65 years of age?  Interesting stuff and you […]

Moving to Canada from the U.K.?

In the last few years, we’ve had a surprising number of people relocating from the U.K. into our area and I’m wondering if I should be running a few ads in something like the London Times or Yorkshire Post?  Most of my clients who have moved over this way, or plan to, tell me that […]

Establishing Real Estate Prices

Next to “How’s the market?”, I think the question I’m asked most frequently is, “What’s it worth?”  Considering that real estate often represents a persons largest asset, that’s a very fair question for both buyers and sellers of property. Market value is generally defined as the probable price a property will sell for in a […]

Jazz In the Parks

I just got an email from my friend, Ron Harding who is the genius behind the social networking group called the “Village People.”  He’s nicely summarized the local free jazz offering in the area and here they are for your calendar.  1.  Every Sunday from 7 to 9 there are free live jazz performances in […]

The Ridge Estates

While I wouldn’t  dare paint any group of people with one brush, I do have to say that over 18 years, I’ve collected more not-so-nice stories about developers and builders than nice ones:  poorly planned, cookie-cutter subdivisions, developments that change hands so many times that any original vision is lost, poor quality construction, disappearing builders […]

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