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Grant for Affordable Housing

Access to affordable housing is an issue in every community and one that our local councils have noted but have only played lip service to until recently.  Under the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced last month that Collingwood will receive 1.26 million dollars to put towards the creation […]

Do Brown and Blue Go Together?

I just stumbled across the neatest website.  It’s called Kuler Swatch Creator  where you can create colour palettes or check out combinations created by other people.  If you are challenged in the decorating department like I am, then maybe this is our answer.  You could also drop in to Robinson’s Paint and Wallpaper on Hurontario Street […]

How Do You Choose a Real Estate Agent?

If you are like many people, you may meet an agent in an Open House or have a relative in the business.  You might call a real estate company based on a home advertised for sale and get put through to the “duty agent” who happens to be doing floor duty that day.  More than […]

What Happens When The Internet Goes Down?

I work in a home based office and this morning as always, I booted up my computer to start my work day.  Lo and behold, the internet was not working.  Having gone through this about a month ago, I calmly just rebooted thinking it would solve the problem but no.  I felt my heart start […]

Have You Heard The Latest?

While rumours are just that, they are fun to contemplate and here are a few of the latest ones in Collingwood: The former site of Canadian Tire on the Pretty River Parkway is slated to become a grocery store; either a Sobey’s or a Price Chopper depending whom you listen to.  Next door, Georgian College […]

Like Disneyland in Wasaga Beach

BIG, BIG news in Wasaga Beach this week.  Plans have been announced to transform Wasaga’s famous Beach Area 1 with a 350 million dollar development over the next five years.  The new development would encompass some 25 acres and would feature a conference centre, shopping mall, major indoor theme park, condos, seven hotels and even […]

Does Your Home Leave An Impression?

Hi Everyone: It’s Chris here today.  Marg is always talking about the serious side of staging a home for sale.  Well, I am here to tell you of some other creative staging that I’ve been lucky enough to witness in the last seven years in real estate. Take, for instance, the case of the multiplex […]

What Is A Green Roof?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can barely pick up a paper or magazine without reading about a new green building initiative.  Climate change and the environment seem to have shot up to #1 on the national agenda and it’s about time.  All of a sudden, we’re seeing green building go mainstream and that includes […]

Do People From Collingwood go on Vacation?

Of course we do!  It’s always a little amusing when people are so surprised that those of us who live in paradise go away on holidays somewhere else.  I guess in makes some sense when you think about it since over two million people come here for vacation every year so, why would we leave? […]

The Ants Go Marching One by One

:and the little one stops to eat ’til it’s done: Carpenter ants.  They’re back and they are terrorizing me once again.  About 25 years ago, they ate the beams of the old garage of our first home until the whole roof caved in.  Last summer, they ate the lintel beams under a doorway at our […]

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