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Improving Curb Appeal Adds Value

How often do you drive by a house and notice how fantastic it looks?  Sometimes it’s the landscaping and sometimes it’s the appearance of the house and sometimes both.  You don’t need to wish and dream that your house could look like that – you can do it!  Adding curb appeal to your home also adds […]

Meaford Is The Place to Be This Week-end

As I have a couple of sales closing in Meaford next week, I was over that way today for some inspections and what a delight it was to see the town in a colourful blaze of glory.  The 11th Annual Meaford Scarecrow Invasion happens tomorrow so the town is dressed up with scarecrows on every block.  […]

Planning a Hunting Vacation?

Real estate hunting that is.  As many of our Collingwood and area real estate buyer clients come from outside of the area, they often book a hotel for a night of two during their house hunting trips.  Well, good news!  Booking accommodation in South Georgian Bay just got easier.  The innovative folks at have just […]

Is Collingwood the Singles Capital of the Georgian Triangle?

If you are looking for a date or a partner in life, maybe you should move to Collingwood.  O.K., I’ll concede that most people looking for a community to relocate to don’t consider marital statistics when they shop for real estate but none-the-less, this is kind of interesting stuff. According to an article in last […]

Is This The Answer to Low Water Levels?

When visiting with a client at a cottage on Georgian Bay yesterday, I noted that the waterline was at least 100 feet away from the original break wall.  Water levels started to drop in 1999 and since then, some beaches have all but disappeared and real estate purchased ten or more years ago as waterfront, […]

What’s Hiding In The Attic?

I’ve been around in the real estate business for so long now that I can remember when home inspection companies didn’t even exist (nor did we use fax machines once upon a time).  Today, home inspections have become the norm for almost all home buyers and, in the words of Martha, that’s a good thing!  […]

Driving In South Georgian Bay Will Get Easier by 2010

Moving around in South Georgian Bay gets a little more challenging with every passing year as the population continues to grow at a rapid pace.  More people = more cars and that means traffic management and road infrastructure must also change and grow. As reported on the East-End Underground blog, Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield has […]

The Time Has Come to Build Green

I had a really interesting meeting on Friday with a young gentleman who wants to change the world.  He’s not alone. Once dismissed as leftist ideologists, environmentalists finally have the attention of the world.  Maybe it’s due in part to persistence however, I think Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth documentary is what started the populist movement […]

Thanksgiving Food Drive

While many people think of ordering their turkeys and baking pumpkin pies, there are hundreds of families in the Georgian Triangle area who do not have the means to enjoy a festive meal.  The members of the Georgian Triangle Real Estate Board want to help and ask you to join us.  From now until September […]

Interactive Home Buyers Guide

Ellen Rice over at Scotiabank in Collingwood, points to an excellent website for real estate home buyers.  Located on CMHC’s (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) website, this interactive guide  really is an A to Z lesson plan of everything a home buyer should know and, it includes tips, worksheets and examples that many people […]

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