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Is Your Chalet Ready For Winter?

The snow and cold have arrived here in South Georgian Bay and along with them, chances are we’ll see a few incidents of frozen pipes over the next few months.  There are several steps you should take to prepare your secondary home for the season that can help cut costs and can protect you from […]

Well, it had to happen sooner or later!

I may have been the first REALTOR® in the area to have a real estate based blog but I’m certainly not the last.  Joining me in cyberspace is local Broker, Rick Crouch.  Rick and I have been friends for quite some time and I have great respect for his opinions and good business sense. Welcome […]

Real Estate Closing Costs

Naturally, every Buyer needs to know what ALL of the costs might be involved in buying real estate.  Beyond the down payment, there are several things to budget for in any transaction and while they are not “hidden costs,” it is difficult to find a comprehensive list of all of the potential things to consider.  […]

Virtual Tours versus Real Estate Shows

I could be wrong, but I do think I was one of the first real estate people in the area to try out virtual tours when they first came to the marketplace about 15 years ago.  That first tour was of a large Victorian home in Stayner and the tour could only be bundled and […]

What’s Your Impression?

I’d like to ask you a question about the place where you live. If I came to visit you, what would be my first impression of your town or city?  Would it make me want to live there?  What about shop or invest there?  Retire there?  It’s very difficult, isn’t it?  Yesterday, I was part […]

Absorbing (Understanding) The Real Estate Market

The term “absorption rate” generally refers to the rate at which properties sell in a given area.  For example, if 1000 homes are currently listed for sale and, 280 sold last month, we would have a current absorption rate of 3.57 months based on the current data.  Developers and builders have used this type of […]

Collingwood’s “Secret” Garden

Collingwood has had a twin city relationship with Katano, Japan since 1981.  This pairing has been successful with active volunteers in both communities keeping the relationship strong.  Just last week, a delegation of about 30 people including Mayor Carrier and Deputy Mayor Cooper returned from a 12 day tour of Katano which is in Osaka Prefecture.  […]

Condominium Appeal Growing

Collingwood’s real estate inventory has more than its share of condominiums and it would appear the trend to build more of them is continuing.  According to the last list I saw of new developments in the planning process, roughly 60% of the 6000 new homes proposed in Collingwood will be condominiums.  The largest of these […]

REALTOR® Code of Ethics

In addition to this blog, I participate in a HUGE North American blog site called Active Rain where I learn much from others in my industry be they other REALTORS®, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers or Home Stagers.  In response to a recent post I did about Smart Growth both here and on the Active Rain site, I […]

Canadian Loonies Are Heading South

There’s a headline in today’s Toronto Star newspaper entitled “Hunting U.S. House Bargains” and the timing is rather ironic.  Just two days ago, I had an interesting email from Jim Gruler, an agent in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Jim recognizes the opportunity Canadians have right now in buying U.S. property and he was asking for suggestions on […]

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