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You Get The Keys To Your Home As Soon as the Deal Is Closed

I could write a book about closing day stories.  Some that were perfect, some that were funny and some that were nightmares.  I remember one situation where my buyer clients called me up at about 6:00 pm on the closing day saying, ‘Marg, we’re in the driveway with our moving truck and it would appear […]

How to Sell Your Home For Less Money AND take Longer To Do It

A real estate broker in the U.S. has the following advice for buyers:  find listings with no photos and save money.  Huh? Last year, Frank Borges LLosa, a Virginia REALTOR®, spent some time going over a whole bunch of his local MLS® statistics and listings to see how photos affect the sales of homes in his area.  […]

Collingwood’s New Library Will Be Gold

Before the year is over, Collingwood will be home to a brand new, state-of-the-art library in the downtown core.  As I previously posted, the Town council had approved a budget which included building the library to a silver standard under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  Well, the news just got even better. […]

If You Have Some Painting To Do, Check Out c2 Paint

Recently, I was reading a review of paint brands that was written by a professional designer.  She was recommending a paint line called c2 and said, ‘It has more pigment than other paints, the colour saturation and luminosity are incomparable in my view, and you will love the sophisticated palette.  It is also hypoallergenic and […]

Collingwood New Home Subdivision Tour, Part 3: Georgian Meadows

By 2012, the 2006 Ontario Building code changes for energy efficiency will be fully implemented and all new houses in Ontario will be required to meet a lengthy list of new standards under the code.  For the last six months, a new home builder in Collingwood has led the way with new Energy Star Rated […]

What has more style, better coffee and costs less than Starbucks?

In my opinion, the answer would be, Espresso Post in downtown Collingwood. I know that sounds like an ad for them but it’s not.  It’s just the honest to goodness truth and as soon as you’ve experienced a cuppa along with a little latte art for good measure, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Funny how […]

Comparing Georgian Triangle Real Estate to Ontario Norms

There are days when I feel like we’re the most expensive area in the province and on other days, not so much.  It depends on who I’m dealing with that day and what it is that I’m viewing, appraising, listing or seeking.  Is there a way to really know how real estate in the Collingwood […]

What Is Soft, White, Elliptical and Comes In A Pair?

Here’s proof that EVERYONE wants to move to Collingwood.  You have to read this post.  It’s out of this world.

The Magic of Children

There is a very special treasure in Collingwood that many people are just starting to discover.  It’s a magical place where children are the stars. It’s called the Magic of Children Art Gallery and to the best of my knowledge, it is the only child focused art gallery in Ontario.  Founded by local artist Lory […]

You Can Get Instant Access to all Collingwood – Blue Mountain Area Listings

Are you interested in getting instant access to MLS® listings of properties for sale in the Collingwood Blue Mountain areas? Chances are that a good number of people reading this will answer yes.  Statistics show that most people who visit a real estate website or blog for the first time are primarily interested in one […]

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