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Many Short Term Condo or Chalet Rentals are Prohibited

With over two million visitors a year coming to stay in our region, there are plenty of opportunities for property owners to realize some rental income if they wish.  For years, it has been common for condo and chalet owners in particular to rent out their vacation properties on a seasonal basis if they are […]

Textless Tuesday – April 29, 2008

Admiral Collingwood Elementary School

The school with the deepest roots in the Collingwood community would surely have to be Admiral Collingwood Elementary School.  Most of the “locals” I have met over the last couple of decades attended that very school and everyone has a story to tell. The first school sat at the corner of Hume and Hurontario Street […]

Real Estate Prices Are Still Going Up

The other day, it happened again.  I was sitting in a restaurant and the people at the next table were having a heated conversation about the state of the real estate market.  I overhear conversations like this at least once a week and I don’t even get out much.  I think people just love to […]

Textless Tuesday

Earth Hour Could Be Everyday. Make that Should Be Every Day

We’re all well aware of rising energy costs so it’s timely to learn about new and important changes we can make both big and small. Here are three ideas: One: Sign up for The Good Life. Two: Attend a free seminar on Geothermal (Ground Source Heat Pumps) put on by B&R Thermal.  Friday May 2nd in Creemore […]

Part 4: Building a Home In The Collingwood ~ Blue Mountain Area: Financing

In our continuing series on building your own home, today I’m pleased to present an article about financing your build written by my favourite local mortgage broker, Michelle Reichart with Invis. Thanks for your contribution Michelle! About 5 years ago I helped my brother-in-law build his dream cottage on a beautiful lake up north; at that […]

Textless Tuesday – Craigleith

Where To Eat In Collingwood? The First Street Bistro!

UPDATE:  This restaurant is now closed. I don’t get to eat out that often but when I do, I want to have a great experience, great food and great service.  I LOVE food (just look at my picture and all those chins), wine and good company too so having a restaurant like the First Street […]

Ru rd-e 2buy a hws or, Are You Ready To Buy A House?

When I started in the real estate business in Collingwood about 19 years ago, we didn’t use fax machines.  We didn’t have colour printers, computers used DOS programs, we used carbon paper and typewriters… my oh my, how times have changed.  I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean. I have this fear that some […]

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