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Land Transfer Tax Refund: First Time Home Buyers

The proposed measure to extend the refund of land transfer tax to first-time buyers of resale homes has now received royal assent and became law on May 14th, 2008. Under this program, first-time homebuyers of resale homes with agreements of purchase and sale entered into after December 13, 2007 can qualify for a refund of […]

Pesticide-Free Lawn Care: Does It Work?

Like most homeowners in our neighbourhood, John and I take pride in our landscaping.  When we purchased our home 4 years ago, there was nothing but a gravel circular driveway right across the front yard.  The grass was green but chemically dependant. We replaced the driveway with one made of stamped concrete and we lined […]

Textless Tuesday

Collingwood Movie Theatre Is Now One Year Old

As the town grows, so do the amenities it can offer.  As people continue to migrate to the South Georgian Bay area in record numbers, commercial development also naturally expands and in the Town of Collingwood, that certainly is holding true. A year has now passed since the opening of the new Galaxy Theatre in […]

How To Help Determine The Age of a House

Like most towns, the housing stock in Collingwood and area ranges in age from brand new to well over 100 years old.  For buyers looking for a home to buy, the age is often a factor in identifying what original components have been replaced and which ones may need to be replaced.  The age of […]

Blue Mountain Real Estate Agent Makes Ice Age Connection

All right, that heading is a bit tabloid.  Sorry but I couldn’t resist. When you head west out of Collingwood into the Town of Blue Mountains, you quickly come to an area known as Craigleith.  On the north side is beautiful Georgian Bay where I swear the shades of blue in the water are never even […]

Moving from Saskatoon to Collingwood – It’s a Small World

Last week, I had a rather fascinating experience with how small our world really is.  If you look down the right side of this blog, you’ll see a section called Canadian Real Estate Alliance.  It is a collection of perhaps the most proliferous or well known Canadian real estate bloggers.  It was started by Norm […]

New Storage Units in Collingwood

Over the years, many of my real estate clients have needed storage units and in most cases, they’ve been hard to get.  I recently had some overseas buyers need two large units and they had to travel 40 minutes out of the area to get them.  Very recently, a new operation opened up on Highway […]

Textless Tuesday – May 13th, 2008

There are Some Things You Need To Know About Buying a Condo At Blue Mountain

Last month, I sold a condo up at Blue Mountain that was in the rental program and generated a very decent rental income.  When I say decent, there was almost enough revenue to offset all of the carrying costs excluding any mortgaging.  Last month, I also had some determined condo buyers decide, after learning all […]

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