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Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection a Good Idea?

I’m off for another pre-purchase inspection in the morning for a deal set to close tomorrow.  Most people wonder what this is and if it is necessary. Most offers today include a clause in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale giving the buyer the right to one or two further inspections of the property following […]

200 Posts And Still More Opinions!

Most of my friends tell me that I talk a lot and that I’m opinionated. They are right of course.  When I think about it, I wrote columns for local magazines and newspapers going back almost 20 years ago.  In one paper, they advertised my column by saying “Always Opinionated.”  “Always Passionate.”  I’d like to think […]

Guns and Gunshots – a Real Estate Story

Courtesy of Chris, our in-house humourist¦ Part 3 These are two words you generally wouldn’t associate with the practice of real estate.  Well, in my case, you would be dead wrong.  Not so long after the rattle snake incident, I was attending to a sign installation on a rural Sideroad.  It was kind of dusky […]

What You Should Know About the Collingwood Hospital

For the last 9 days, our family has had a very direct experience with our local medical system and it occurred to me, that many people considering a move into the area may want to know more about the local conditions for health care. We have a very wide range of services that includes expanding […]

What’s In A Name ~ like Blueski George?

In the Nipissing Ridge area of Craigleith, there is a road named Blueski George.  I’ve often wondered how this unusual name came to be and recently, I found out. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the good fortune of speaking with Mr. George Fleming who is the developer of that area.  After […]

Culture in South Georgian Bay Is ‘On Ice’

I’m heading out today to buy my tickets for Wingfield on Ice.  If you haven’t seen or read all about Walt Wingfield, then you’ve missed something very special that speaks to all of us living in South Georgian Bay.  We have a fantastic Arts & Culture scene in this area.  By chance, I ran into […]

Recession? What Recession?

O.K., I’ll admit that I’m an optimist at heart.  I have also however survived as a REALTOR® through the endless recession in the 1990s and believe me, I know the terror of not making a living during a recession. As I reported in my market update for the first half of 2008, the local marketplace has […]

The Spirit of Collingwood helps Drew Wright Soar

The Collingwood area has been noted for it’s community spirit on more than one occasion. I recall when we hosted the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 1997, Eunice Kennedy Shriver said that she had never before witnessed a small community such as ours bring forth so many volunteers; so many that some had to […]

Changes To Canadian, Government Backed Mortgage Rules

On July 9th, the Government of Canada announced some changes to the rules for government guaranteed mortgages: – Reducing the maximum amortization period for new mortgages from 40 years to 35 years – Requiring a minimum down payment of 5% for new government-backed mortgages (bye, bye zero down) – the requirement to have had a consistent minimum […]

10 Best Places To Invest in Canada: Collingwood is on the list

Someone sent me an article today from a new real estate magazine directed at home buyers and investors.  They have written a feature article entitled “10 Best Places To Invest In Canada”  and, rounding out the top ten is none other than Collingwood. I notice that Collingwood is the only town on the list (the rest […]

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