2012 Tax Rates in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Area

The tax rates are finally all set for the communities of the Georgian Triangle.  (Why does it take until August for these things to get finalized?)  Here is a chart of the residential mill rates for 2012.

To calculate the taxes on a property, you take the value set by MPAC for the property multiplied by the mill rate in the above chart.  For example, a home assessed at $350,000 in the Town of Blue Mountains would be 350,000 x .00978353 = $3,424.23.  You can see that currently, the tax rate is lowest in Wasaga Beach and highest in Meaford.

Chris pulled together a comparison of tax rates for the past 5 years to see the trends.  At first glance, it looks like taxes are trending down in most areas except for Meaford however, there are two parts to the puzzle that need to be considered.  The mill rate is one but the second is the assessed value of the municipality.  If there are more homes and more growth, the over-all assessed value of ALL the properties in that town goes up.  When you divide the Town budget into that, the mill rate naturally comes down.  So really, we are looking at the growth impacts on each community as well as the assessed values.

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  1. linda wild says:

    Thanks for this discussion. I did not know that mill rates floated on the adjusted budget’s required by the municipality! What governance is in place to monitor municipalities budgets, to stop municipalities from adjusting their budgets upwards?

    I imagine there would be a drive to take advantage of the largesse of increasing property values or new builds.

  2. Marg says:

    That is correct that it adjusts or floats based on the assessment value of the municipality. It does get very complicated though in that our taxes really have three parts: municipal, county and education. How is it controlled? By citizens becoming educated in the process and participating. It is very difficult though as you can’t only look at budgets directly since there are other ways we are “taxed” such as through water and sewer billing, user fees and such. Over 80 Ontario municipalities participate in an interesting tax study comparison project done by BMA consulting. I wrote about this back in 2008 http://blog.collingwood-bluemountain.com/how-collingwood-and-wasaga-beach-property-taxes-compare/ . While Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountains and Meaford have continued to participate in the study, I myself have not been able to find data in it for Collingwood since 2008. The province also does benchmarking. Perhaps it is time that we should be taking a much closer look at these issues given the growth in the area and the large capital expenditures taking place. Thanks for your excellent comment.

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