As You See It – One Camera, Many Points of View

After writing about 500 posts over 3 years on this blog, I think it might be fun to shake things up a little. Over 3,000 people a month are reading this blog now and I’m sure some are getting a little tired of only hearing or seeing my point of view!

A while ago, I read about something called The Disposable Memory Project in which the originator sent out disposable cameras around the world.  It struck me as a GREAT idea and a creative way of seeing things through other people’s eyes.  Then I got thinking… why not try it right here in South Georgian Bay?

Just today, I’ve released the first of five, Kodak disposable cameras.  One will be released in each of Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Meaford, Wasaga Beach and Clearview.  A clear, plastic ZipLoc bag contains the simple instructions that asks people to take a picture anywhere in the Georgian Triangle that they think reflects life in the area.  Within 24 hours after, they are asked to pass the bag and it’s contents, which includes a record log, to a total stranger or to leave it where it is likely to be picked up.  The person who snaps the last picture on the film is asked to mail it back to me in the pre-paid enclosed envelope that is in the bag.  It’s really that simple.

I am so curious.  Will the cameras ever find their way back to me?  How long will it take until one arrives back?  What kind of pictures will we see?  Will some of the photographers drop me a line to tell us their part in this story?

As cameras are returned, I’ll post the pictures here on the blog. Maybe we can learn from seeing some other points of view.

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