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Faux Lawns Are Appearing In Our Area

One day last summer, I was driving through the McKean subdivision in Nottawa, just south of Collingwood and couldn’t help but notice one lush, green, weed-free lawn stand out among the rest. I had to take a closer look and then realized it was artificial turf. A few weeks later, I was showing a high-end luxury […]

4 Bedroom Luxury House For Sale in Thornbury – 145 Bruce St S

Built In An Era Of Celebration – 145 Bruce St S, Thornbury Cinemas, radios, airplanes and automobiles! Bootleggers, booze, flappers and jazz! The Group of Seven made their debut. Insulin was discovered and Pablum was invented. After the ordeal of the First World War, the “Roaring” Twenties ushered in a new modern age when people […]

Collingwood: Seasons of Change

Rogers TV has been airing an excellent, half hour documentary by Steve McEown that profiles the changes in Collingwood from a ship-building community to what it is today. It was well done and features many of my clients, co-worker Linda Lavers and even I get my five minutes of fame. Click on the image above […]

The Duke Lofts in Downtown Collingwood

Once upon a time, there was an old school in Collingwood that was eventually sold to the Town when the school’s doors closed.  It became a fitness centre but over time, the building fell into disrepair and faced the prospect of demolition. Heritage enthusiasts in the town felt it could be saved and along came […]

Just Listed: A Very Special Home in Downtown Collingwood

In the real estate business, we’re sometimes quick to use superlatives such as “Special”, “Amazing”, “Unique” or “Beautiful” but in this case, every word is true.  I’ve just listed a most amazing, special, unique and beautiful home for sale on Pine Street in Collingwood’s historic downtown. Sitting on an unusually large property of about 1/3rd […]

How You Build 20% Equity in Your Blue Mountain Condo In Just A Few Months

Do you think this is not possible?  Beleive it or not, it is.  Yes, you CAN build 10, 20 or even 30% equity in a property here if you have vision and courage.  Here is a classic case in point. Earlier this year, I had a condominium listed for sale in a prime location opposite […]

Going Back To Visit Your Former Home

A few years ago, I listed a century home for sale in Thornbury which had been in the same family for three generations.  Can you imagine the memories they created there?  Lives started and ended, birthdays, holidays, family dinners, tears, heartbreaks, laughter and all the moments that life brings about left their mark on this […]

Wasaga Beachfront Real Estate Deal Expected to Close in November

One dream was lost and another one is taking shape. The principal buildings in Beach Area 1 including such landmarks as the The Dard, Bananas, the Giant Tiger plaza, the old hotel at the corner of Mosley and Old Mosley and many of the stores along the beachfront are all part of a real estate deal […]

From Fixer Upper to Dream Home

There is a new show airing this fall on W Network that I can’t wait to see. For the real estate and renovation junkies out there, we already have Colin, Justin, Sara and Candace.  Now comes Sibling Rivalry, a new show featuring twin brother and sister, Dan and Nikki Hall.  The premise of this new series […]

We’re Going Solar At Our House: Part 3

This is Part 3 in a series of our journey to installing a roof top solar system on our home.  If you wish to read from the beginning, start with this link. We are now the proud owners of the largest, residential roof top solar system in Collingwood.  For now, anyway. Since the last post, […]

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