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2017 Home Design Trends

According to INMAN – one of the Real Estate Industry’s leading source of real estate information, the following are the home design trends of 2017 to watch for: KITCHENS: Traditional Kitchens, but with a twist: built-in bars, contrasting islands, colored islands with colored (hello 1950’s!) fridges; hexagonal tile backsplashes; white and wood kitchens (country, but […]

What To Do About An Ash Tree on Your Property

I guess the title should really say, What To Do About An Ash Tree On OUR Property.  As I blogged a few weeks ago,  the issue of the Emerald Ash Borer and the guarantee that it will kill all un-inoculated trees soon, is going to become a much bigger issue soon.  It is not a […]

Ever Wonder How Shopping CAN Actually Put Dollars in Your Pocket?

Psst.. want an excuse to go shopping and magically save money at the same time? The SaveONEnergy Coupon Event is now on and it’s a perfect time to stock up on everything from energy efficient lightbulbs to weather stripping and more.  Click here to find a link to 13 different coupons that will not only […]

Faux Lawns Are Appearing In Our Area

One day last summer, I was driving through the McKean subdivision in Nottawa, just south of Collingwood and couldn’t help but notice one lush, green, weed-free lawn stand out among the rest. I had to take a closer look and then realized it was artificial turf. A few weeks later, I was showing a high-end luxury […]

How to Clean Dirty Window Tracks

My buyer clients know that in addition to my magical smelling powers, I also have an eagle eye for clues that tell us a lot about a home. One of my favourites is grimy and moldy window tracks. Ick. Sometimes, this is merely an indication of inadequate home maintenance but other times, it may be […]

Your Home Insurance Will LIKELY Be Voided During a Home Renovation

Did you know that doing a home renovation can void your home insurance coverage? Many people don’t read the fine print in their policies but if you do, most will say that a policy is voided during a renovation unless the insurer is contacted. What if there is damage to your or your neighbours home […]

Black Algae Is Appearing on Roofs in Our Area

Do you ever notice roofs that have black staining on them that look something like this one below? I have seen several and more commonly, on houses in Stayner and Wasaga Beach. They seem to be increasing in number and on a recent inspection of a home with this condition, the home inspector explained that […]

Free Money That Could Put Over $1,000 in Your Pocket

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you are either in a panic or in denial about what’s happening with energy costs in Ontario.  We all know they only go up but this year, we are seeing some pretty dramatic increases starting in the cost of both electricity and gas prices that can leave […]

Invest in your Home’s Maintenance

An article I read recently challenged readers to start an easy investment program.  The idea behind it is to get into the habit of investing a little every week, and to show that it would add up quickly by the end of the year!  Here’s how it works: Week 1, you put $1.00 into a […]

Your Home May Be Polluted

Gosh it is pretty outside.  Blue Mountain turns to green in the summer and white in the winter but right now, the mountain is aflame with reds, yellows and vibrant oranges.  My neighbour’s Maple tree here in Collingwood has turned a bright Crimson despite the deceptively warm temperatures. While the weather and beauty of this […]

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