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Housing Grants in the Town of Blue Mountains

Have you heard of The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation? It is a not-for-profit corporation, established in 2014 and wholly owned by the municipality. According to their website, the purpose of the Corporation is, “to augment the supply of healthy and sustainable ownership housing units in The Blue Mountains which are affordable to a larger […]

Canadian Mortgage Rates Are Rising – Should Variable-Rate Borrowers Lock In? Tuesday Morning Interest Rate Update (July 4, 2017)

If you’ve been wondering about locking in a mortgage, here is an excellent post by David Larock who is an independent full-time mortgage broker and industry insider. Last week Bank of Canada (BoC) Governor Poloz eliminated any doubt about the BoC’s near-term plans. During an interview on CNBC he said that the two 0.25% […]

Look at what happened to prices in this Blue Mountain condo development in just two years!

Look at this chart.  These are the sale prices of units that have sold in Mountain Springs Resort near Blue Mountain over the last two years.  All are the same size (737 square feet) although there are some variances in condition of a unit or the views they may have.  Nonetheless, they are pretty similar. […]

Your Mortgage Costs Could Go Up Next Month with THIS News

As if homebuyers don’t have a hard enough time these days in buying a home, there is another whammy ahead. If you are planning to buy a property and require financing, you should take note that new insurance premiums on mortgages will take effective on March 17, 2017. The percentage changes are pretty significant as […]

These Quick Videos Explain Real Estate Programs and Financial Terms

The Canadian Real Estate Association has released 8 quick videos that can be helpful for home buyers. In about one minute, each video talks about things such as the Canadian Home Buyers Program, amortization schedules, pre-payments, tax credits and more. Click here to view.

Ontario Land Transfer Tax Rebate 2017

Ontario made some changes this month increasing the Land Transfer Tax rebate for first time home buyers to a new maximum of $4,000.00.  The video below explains a little more and this website includes calculators and other information you may want to have.

How much does an extra bedroom cost you in a condo at Blue?

Before you decide to buy a unit with an extra bedroom for the kids who come and visit twice a year, you may want to see if it makes financial sense. Here is a look at the 2016 condo prices In Collingwood and Blue Mountain.  (Good conversation starters at your next Apres Ski soiree too!) […]

What To Expect In The Collingwood – Blue Mountain Real Estate Market for 2017

Can you see my hands shaking and the sweat dripping from my brow?  That’s because it’s the time when I make my predictions for the year ahead and it’s always slightly terrifying to me.  So far, I have a surprisingly accurate track record but was that just dumb luck? Nonetheless, I’m going to take a […]

How Interest Rates and Local House Prices Dance Together

I was taking a look at something my friend Chuck Charlton posted over at Milton Daily Homes about the correlation between interest rates and home prices.  It got me curious about our area here in and around Collingwood and sure enough, the pattern, while not as pronounced, is the same. In 2016, prices in our […]

Buying an Investment Condo at Blue Mountain

So many people suddenly seem to be interested in buying an investment condo at Blue. Most people I talk to are looking for something they can rent out as a recreational unit in or around the Village at Blue Mountain. I’ve written a number of blog posts on this topic such as this 4 part […]

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