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The Most Canadian Music Video Ever?

Happy Canada Day!

What’s in a name?

With a name like Marg Scheben-Edey, you can imagine that I’ve heard some pretty creative renditions of my name. Years ago, a co-worker couldn’t manage my moniker and so to him, I was “Margy Two-Names.”   A very officious telemarketer gave Chris her favourite version:  “Marge Sheboney.”  She was sure she had the pronunciation right, […]

This Smart Home Runs with 56 Year Old Technology!

I recently sent out an email to my client family asking them to tell me about the technology they are using today in the world of Smart Homes. Below is the reply I got from none other than my Client Care Manager, Chris McCormick whose writing talents are unmatched in my books.  Smart Home, Smart […]

Hey Marg… there’s a little crazy on your face!

Hi everyone, It’s Chris here. This post is titled what I said to Marg today, when we were navigating 5 competing offers on one of our listings.  So…what topic should we discuss today – how about this crazy HOT (never mind chili pepper, it’s more like GHOST PEPPER hot) market. Let’s look at this from […]

An Ode To Property Owners

Today marks 23 years that Chris and I have been working together.  That’s 23 years of watching our kids grow, our parents age and of finishing each others sentences.  It’s also 23 years of watching our client family move in, up, down, out and over.  What a pleasure it has been!  Chris is the Client […]

Who Are Neil and Sheryl?

Whomever they are, they are excited about a new home they are building and now I’m excited too just because I love their sign. Anybody know them?

Colourful Characters Have The Best Lines

I recently sold a home in Collingwood that was offered for sale privately by a rather colourful character. I believe there were 32 windows in the house and almost every single one of them had a jacket or coat hanging in the window. When I asked him what the story was, he said, “They are […]

Insider’s Tip: Where to Watch Lightening in Collingwood

No, not at a council meeting although it can be stormy at times too. With the cold and rainy week we just had, it made me think of what my hubby and son do when there is a thunderstorm with lightening. While I race to hide under the covers, they rush out to the spit […]

Happy Canada Day

I’m off today celebrating the greatest country in the world.  Enjoy the party folks!  

This Made My Day

I had clients send this to me recently.  While touring the town and looking at houses in Collingwood, their very adorable little guy loved every basement we went into.

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