Christmas Chain

Christmas chain

Our kids made this Christmas chain over 20 years ago and it still hangs on our tree every year along with the other adornments collected over the years from places we’ve been and significant milestones.  Really, the whole tree is like a chain of memories that warm our hearts all over again every year.

I’ve been thinking about chains today.  If you look up the meaning of chain, you’ll come across words such as linkage, secure, hitch, support, connect.  Hmm.  A metaphor for life.  Each person we meet is a link and our life chains are infinitely long.  We are all connected and each connection makes up the fabric of our lives.

My chain is so full.  I’ve been connected to so many people both professionally and personally.  People have moved my life in directions I never imagined and each one is a cherished link for which I am deeply grateful.

What are the chain links of your life?  I’ll bet that reflecting, even for a few minutes on this question, will be surprising.

Merry Christmas to each and every one.

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  1. Kathy Clulow says:

    Nice segue … our lives are so full. ..and equally rewarding. Merry Christmas Marg

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