Collingwood Chiropractors Put Green In Practice

We often talk about our desire to “go green” but outside of replacing fluorescent light bulbs and using organic garbage bins, I’m not sure some people really have been able to translate their desires into concrete action.  I’ve been thinking about this a great deal lately as we try to develop our own green plan here in our home.

A few weeks ago, it was a real treat for me to visit my clients, Dr and Dr Vecchio at their Inner Harmony Chiropractic Clinic and to see a green commitment in action.  You may recall from earlier posts  that Dave and Melissa have a special touch when it comes to renovating and, they’ve done it once again.

When they bought this building last year, it had been home to a lovely older couple for many, many years.  The Vecchio’s could envision modifying the property into a live/work space with a longer term view of an exclusively commercial space.  They brought in Paulette Clement who has a master’s degree and many years of experience in the area of Feng Shui as well as a professional design background.  I have to say it was fascinating to hear her thoughts and really in hindsight, they were spot on.

Since then, the Vecchio’s have done a marvellous renovation that has been 90% green.  Here are some examples of what they did:

•  Purchased materials from the Habitat for Humanity Restore in order to recycle and reuse wherever possible.  They found things like tiles, wood, mirrors and old doors that could be put to reuse
• All paints and finishes are low VOC including the floor stain which is a non-toxic, water-based formulation made by SamaN.
•  I found the unique, textured  finish on the reception area walls of particular interest.  Made from American clay, it comes in a powder from eco Inhabit in Meaford.
• Most windows were replaced with Energy Star approved windows
• They used natural slate in the entry and bathrooms while the old existing hardwood floors were refinished with low VOC, water-based stain.
• The unique reception area bench was made with wood reclaimed from an old park bench and old doors!
• A half wall made of natural stone product separates the waiting area from the clinical area allowing light and air to flow freely through-out
• The reception desk was reused from another business
• All of the original wood trim was salvaged

“Meet” Melissa in this quick 1 minute video:

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  2. Thanks for wonerful article..

  3. Kyle Francey says:

    Interesting blog post. Very cool…The embedded video is a nice touch. I came across this blog while researching chiropractics in Collingwood.

    Needless to say, great job and thanks.

  4. Marg says:

    Thanks Kyle. It was my first time using my new little video cam and it worked out fairly well.

  5. Esme Fisher says:

    my dad is a chiropractor and he often amazes me how he could treat my sprains.~”~

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