Collingwood Transportation Issues Are In The News

horse.jpgFirst, the Buses
Several months have now elapsed since I first wrote about Collingwood’s new buses.  Since then, things have been looking up indeed!  At the end of November, COLLUS Executive Director Ed Houghton told Collingwood council that the new buses and expanded routes have been a huge hit with an increase in ridership of 28% this year.  Since the new buses arrived at the end of July and since the routes were expanded in mid August of this year, there have been over 20,000 riders.  Interestingly, rider numbers are up 140% since 2003 and, a further target of another 15% increase is set for next year.  By the way, the bike racks are getting used.  Hurray!

And then, parking.  Again.
Yet again, consultants have been hired to do a new parking study in Collingwood.  First the price of parking was increased a few years ago and then the new meters were put in.  Then in came 2 hour free parking.  Now there are the discussions and tests about reverse angle parking.  Will it ever end?  Why can’t everyone get on the same page on these issues?  For heavens sake, this can’t be rocket science that requires the kind of spending this town does on consultants and studies related to parking! 

And now, Third Street.
Hmm.  With the now-approved expansion of the western commercial node and the proposal to eventually extend Third Street west of High, is that gracious, tree-lined street with some of Collingwood’s finest heritage homes due to become just another too busy through-way?  Methinks this council is starting to lose it’s vision.

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  1. Rick Crouch says:

    Marg, I don’t think this Council has ever had a vision hence therein lies problem. Vision 20/20 is a long forgotten document and I’m afraid the day will come when it’s replacement will be known as Hindsight 20/20.

  2. Marg says:

    You may be right although I would say “some” have a vision; certainly better than the last council. You might be surprised to see how many of the Vision 2020 recommendations were actually implememented.
    On the whole though, I am not defending this council; I agree they do not have a clear, collective and comprehensive vision and I love your observation about hindsight. I think you are completely correct!

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