Downtown Collingwood Revitalization Plan

When you live in a growing community, there are SO many things happening SO fast that it’s hard to keep up.

Every day, something happens that I think, “Oh, blog readers would be interested in knowing about this” yet it’s impossible to well, keep up!  Lately, I’ve written a fair bit about happenings downtown and here we are yet again.  More news.

2nd and Simcoe before

2nd and Simcoe after

Recently, Collingwood council approved a $7.1 million dollar downtown revitalization plan with costs to be shared by the Federal , Provincial and Municipal levels of government ($2 million each) and the BIA ($1 million).  The project will involve upgrading the sidewalks, parking and curbing, new light standards and also amenities such as trees, planters and benches.  Work will commence shortly.

My first reaction to the news was that we have a beautiful downtown and really don’t need to spend that kind of money on this.  After viewing the presentation however, I changed my mind and see the merits and need for such a project.  Certain elements are overdue for replacement or repair and need to be done.  The cost of those alone likely come close to what we’ll pay for the entire project now thanks to the contributions being made by the other levels of government and the BIA.

Have a look at the slide presentation showing the plan and see if you feel the same way. 

I think Collingwood will cement its reputation as being one of the most beautiful downtowns in the country when this project is complete.

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  1. Chris McCormick says:

    I do hope that some LOCAL businesses are able to partake in the contracts for this work.

    I hear that there are some concerns from some of the downtown businesses about the placement of patios due to safety and health issues.


  2. Marg says:

    The tender was awarded to a local company – Georgian Paving and they started work today! I agree and hope any spin-off projects can use some of our great local businesses. the patio issue is an interesting one. I don’t know why the restaurant owners didn’t come forth sooner but nonetheless, I think their points are important ones and I’m interested to find out what council decides.

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