Elvis Arrives In Collingwood

It’s official, Elvis is in the building.  Okay, maybe that’s not quite true and it would be more accurate to say that a bunch of Elvii impersonators have arrived for Collingwood’s 16th annual Elvis Festival.   The fun starts tonight with a pub crawl.

While many locals flee the town for this week-end, I’m sticking around to take in a few events.  It’s really quite surreal to see a bunch of, generally, older men with dyed black hair, real or fake sideburns dressed in sequined pant suits on just about every block downtown.  Equally interesting are the many visitors who come to partake of the fun- grannies in poodle skirts, people in Elvis sunglasses and almost everyone wearing beads or a  lei.  The streets are jammed all week-end with various events and a marketplace that overflows with kitsch and memorabilia.  You can hear Elvis music through-out the Town and even many, many blocks away.
My favourite part is chatting with the tourists who come for this event.  I love to hear their thoughts about our Town and how much they are enjoying this.  Love him or not, Elvis brings a very large number of really nice folks into town for this week-end every year and that is always a good thing.

So have fun folks, shake it up, dance in the streets, sing along, worship and enjoy our town.  We’re glad you are here.  Thank you.  Thank-you very much.

P.S.  I was just about to post this when I got an email from a new client who is coming up to view homes tomorrow.   It seems Elvis is contagious.   His message is priceless:  “Thanks Marg for the clarification. Sometimes I get all shook up with numbers, and especially around all you hard-headed women. Thanks again for not being cruel to a heart that’s true and remember we got a lotta livin’ to do. See you tomorrow.”

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