Have you heard of Zoocasa yet? You will

Tiger looking for a mealRogers Communications is expanding into the real estate business.  Well not exactly.  They are registering as a real estate brokerage called Zoocasa but without a team of agents or an office or any of the other things you might expect to find in a brokerage.

Really, what they are doing is developing an online directory of property listings and agents.  In other words, it has a great deal in common with an advertising site but the catch is that they will offer rebates and other goodies to consumers by charging agents a fee of 35% of their commission earnings for clients referred to them.  Say what?  35%?

This blog outlines it well and expresses my feelings to a tee.  I do think that organized real estate has failed to provide the best technology for consumers via the very popular realtor.ca website and this has left an opening for a private entity.  I do however wonder how any “top” agent would consider sharing 35% of their income with Rogers.

Think about it.  A top agent has usually been in the business for some time and has built a business by proving their value to clients who are repeat customers and/or refer others to the agent.  They don’t need to beg for business and they are certainly not giving away their entire profit margin to a private company for leads. So who is willing to pay it?  Is the consumer really getting the best value?  You decide.

I also noticed in their media release a reference to them being able to provide a seamless link to a raft of Rogers’ other services, such as digital devices and even home security systems.  Aha, now I get it.  Advertise themselves AND make money off agents.  Brilliant.  They win.  Will the consumer?

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  1. Jason Ruttan says:

    Thank you Marg for addressing this issue. I agree with you in that a Realtor’s value far exceeds any promotional offering by Rogers or their attempt to market extended Rogers services to our clients. The general public is well aware Rogers is in the business of phone, internet, and home security, therefore I personally do not see the need for them to interfere in a clients real estate investment. The real estate industry is a “get what you pay for” service industry and I encourage a home buyer or seller to speak with a local Realtor Professional to protect and assistant them them through the process. Thanks again, Jason Ruttan.

  2. Marg says:

    Well said Jason. Thanks for your comment.

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