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Have you ever wondered what these big silver or blue boxes are?  You’ll usually find them on homes for sale in this area.

They are electronic lockboxes which store the key to your home inside of them.  In the old days, we went to the listing office to pick up a key.  When you consider our large geographic territory here, that was often a challenge.  Now, almost all of our MLS® listings have these ELB’s installed instead which make life easier for salespeople and offer benefits to the homeowner as well.

In order to open the lockbox, REALTORS® carry a smart card based electronic pass card which is encrypted with their identify and access permission levels.  This is used in combination with a confidential password.  Once entered, a flap opens which gives us access to the key inside.  For inspections or other contractor uses, we are able to also issue one-day codes.

Every access to the lockbox’s key compartment is recorded in its secure memory which cannot be erased, even if the internal battery dies. The electronic audit log in each lockbox makes sure every cardholder can be held accountable for their use of your key. Your agent can at any time provide you with a list of all accesses to your home – who and when – for the duration of the sales period by logging in and viewing online reports that monitor all lockbox activity.

Very rarely, ELB’s can fail if they are frozen, jammed or if the internal battery dies.  For this reason, I wish all REALTORS® would always keep a second key in their office as a back-up.  Oh, and I wish they’d all check their keys FIRST to make sure they work before putting them in.  These nuisances aside, electronic lockboxes really have been a positive innovation.

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