Hostage Taking and Angry Bulls

open-house.jpgAbout 18 years ago with a toddler and a new baby in tow, I decided a real estate career would be ideal for me. After all, how hard could it be?  I could be flexible with my time, make a decent living and look after my family.


Wow, was I ever dreaming!


Back in 1989, everyone said that anyone who could walk and talk could sell real estate and make a fortune.  While the potential for being financially rewarded for my work was appealing, I was very driven to be the best real estate agent ever.  After a string of not-so-pleasant personal experiences with agents over the years, I believed I could do better and, it’s something I still believe today.  But back to 1989…


I lost $17,000 that first year.  Although I did manage to have a few sales, money flew out the door on things like personal promotion, photography, gas, dues, fees, signs, brochures; you name it, I bought it.  After spending about a month getting very organized, a successful agent in my office asked me to hold an Open House with her.  This seemed like a great way to learn the ropes – I could be her shadow.  Just as the first car pulled up, my friend ran out the back door and shouted “Good Luck” over her shoulder.  I was frozen in place.  After greeting the couple, I showed them the first room and said, “This is the kitchen.”  They rolled their eyes as the husband remarked sarcastically, “Really,  We wouldn’t have guessed.”  From there it went further downhill as I became mute with terror only managing to say, “Please call me if I can be of further assistance” as they walked out the door without my card.


The next week, I was on floor duty taking calls that came into the office.  I arranged an appointment with a gentleman who was the President of a large media firm in the city wanting to see a cottage south of Meaford in what was then called Euphrasia Township.  For two days before his visit, I studied my map of the Beaver Valley as the rural areas were not yet familiar to me and street markers didn’t exist in many areas.  On the day he arrived, we set out in my car and … I promptly got lost.  At one intersection in a forested area, there was a huge and unusual rock.  When we passed it for the third time, my would-be client asked if I had any Gravol.  The fourth time he asked if this was some kind of a bad joke.  The fifth time he demanded I release him as my hostage!  We never did find the cottage and I never did see him again.

Then there was the time both of my headlights went out within 5 minutes of each other during a night showing, there’s the house where the door knobs all fell off in my hand and then there was time my clients and I were chased through a field by a charging bull.


But here it is 2007 and I’m still alive to tell the tales.  No, my time is not my own, my family has often made too many sacrifices to support my schedule and no, it’s not been easy. But real estate has proven to be the career for me and all the grist that’s flown through the mill over the last 18 years has enriched my life with new friends, new knowledge and great satisfaction in doing my job well as I always hoped to do.  Now I hope to share some that with you.


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is an award-winning real estate Broker who has successfully been helping people move since 1989. When it’s time for a move in or out of a bigger, smaller, better, more expensive, less expensive, newer, older, house, condo, farm, investment property, vacant lot or business, talk to Marg.

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  1. lori may ash says:

    Marg, you are HILARIOUS!! What didn’t kill you made you stronger…..LOL. That is why you are such a fantastic agent!!! lori may

  2. Val says:

    “About 18 years ago with a toddler and a new baby in tow, I decided a real estate career would be ideal for me. After all, how hard could it be? I could be flexible with my time, make a decent living and look after my family.

    Wow, was I ever dreaming!”

    Dreaming is what keeps us going: “A dream is a wish your heart makes”!Good luck with your future projects Marg!

  3. Marg says:

    You are absolutely right. Thanks Val!

  4. rural real estate…

    Loved the information here I’ll have this bookmarked and will be back to read more….

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