House Prices Are Not The Only Thing To Watch

While everyone is busy keeping an eye on real estate prices, I would like to suggest that keeping an eye on INTEREST RATES is equally important.  I know this first hand since once upon a time in 1981, my husband and I had a mortgage with an interest rate of 21.5%!  Our little $40,000 mortgage cost us $641.00 a month back then whereas today, that same amount would carry for less than $250.00 a month.  Wow.

In an email last week, local mortgage agent, Kelly Adam sent along a rather interesting chart showing rates over the last few years.

A quick calculation on my favourite calculator site shows something very worth paying attention to.

According to the chart, the average mortgage interest rate in 2005 was 4.98%.  In the three years since then, rates have crept up to an average of 5.67% for a five year term.  Look at the impact:

 A $200,000 mortgage today, amortized over 25 years, would cost the borrower $6,647.00 more over the five year term and if it were equally level over 25 years, the difference would amount to paying $23,912.00 more.

Economists seem to be predicting some downward pressure on rates in the short term but increases in the longer term.  Depending on your own risk tolerance (that’s what I call how well you sleep at night), you may want to think about taking a variable rate mortgage in the short term and locking in a few months from now.  No guarantees but hey, every penny counts if you call it right.

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