How do YOU spell Humiliation?

One of the most fun times in the life of every REALTOR® is showing property a second time to clients.  A second showing usually means that they have placed the property on their “short list” or have maybe even decided this property is their new home-to-be.  It’s an exciting time for everyone and more often than not, nerve-wracking for the buyers.

Two nights ago was such a time for me and my wonderful out-of-town buyers, who had driven 2 hours to meet me at the home they thought they might like to purchase.  We met as planned, toured the house and then sat down at the dining room table to discuss the offer.   Although I hadn’t known these folks for very long, they felt like they might become friends – we really seemed to hit it off.  Little did I know, our relationship was about to become far more intimate!

As we pored over the numerous documents involved in making an offer, I began to realize that I was unable to concentrate on what my clients were saying to me.  Why you ask?  The answer is simple:  I was having crushing pain to my chest and back and was finding it hard to breathe, let alone listen!  After trying to abate the problem by standing up and stretching, it became clear to the clients that I needed medical help – despite my protestations to the contrary.  They called 911 after I reluctantly consented.  I wanted to crawl in a hole.

By the time the ambulance got to us, I was starting to feel a little better.  The EMS attendants came in with their equipment and a  STRETCHER!  They opened my blouse (darn-it – why hadn’t I lost weight so that I had the body of a bare super-model, when I had the chance??) to check out the problem.  I was mortified, and frankly, I was not the most co-operative patient, explaining repeatedly that I definitely did not need help to walk.  The attendants were having none of my malarkey.  They tried to tell me that I had had a heart attack after interpreting my ECG. I kept trying to correct them, because I, of course, know more than they do (or so I thought).  They told me I needed an I.V. so that they could easily administer heart medication, and I told them there was a) no need for that, thank you very much,  and b) no way they were putting that needle in my arm !! (I have a needle phobia.)  After many negotiations, I think I exasperated them. They drove me, (and I’m sure I drove them, too) despite my vociferous admonishments not to, with lights and sirens away from the showing property.  It may have been my proudest moment in REAL ESTATE:  bare-chested in front of strangers, strapped to a stretcher, lights and sirens announcing my inability to ambulate, and leaving two very worried clients chasing behind the ambulance through every red light all the way to the hospital in a strange town.  Clearly, no-one understood that all I wanted was to finish the offer!

Fast forward to 9:30 p.m. – after receiving every form of torture-test known to man via needle, I.V. (no, I’m not exaggerating-well, maybe a bit) and having a chest x-ray, it was decided that the early ECG was an anomaly and that I was fit to go home. Thank goodness, because I was STARVING! (See notes above re aforementioned body issues and disregard please.. supermodels don’t get to eat!)

Sleep came easily, but with the first light of dawn, my embarrassment returned.  How would I ever face these clients again?  How would they face me after seeing me ‘au naturel,’ as it were?  I mused that I might suggest that they have to come to our next showing ‘starkers’ but that may be considered in bad taste – or contra my code of ethics.  By early in my workday, I had the pleasure of communicating with these wonderful people, and you’ll be pleased to know, we are going ahead with their offer.  Despite the humiliation of last night, everything seems to be copacetic between us, with almost no after effects of getting so up-close and personal on only our second meeting! After all, they took my breath away, and I bared my soul to them.  How many REALTORS® and clients can say that?

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  1. Joan says:

    Marg…. How I enjoyed the telling of the story…. How many people do I know who use “copacetic” in a story? And taking breath away and bearing the soul…. good stuff.

    OH! I just realized that I sent you no sympathy for your state of health. Well my dear.. I’ll save that for when you really need it…. I see this as just another wonderful story in a life full of them.

    It just occurred to me … when one hears of the departure of a friend or acquaintance, the first question is “How did s/he die?” My proof that the story is more interesting than the event.

    I am thinking about writing some of my stories and calling it “A Life Rich With Incident”. This would have been a perfect entry.

    Seriously… glad it was only a scare… However, take it as a little warning and up your Spidey sense for any future indicators…. Sometime I will tell you about my chest pains, hospital visit and prior consumption of a 1/4 lb of duck liver pate…

  2. Marg says:

    Thanks for seeing the humour in this story. Can’t wait to hear about the duck liver story!

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