How Facebook Can Cost You The Sale of your Home

When you are in the process of selling a home for sale, you may be tempted to use social media to tell all your friends and acquaintances all about it.  This may include posting on Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog or any other form of public online communications.  Your personal network may help to source a buyer however, it can also back fire.  You really need to be careful not to over share details that might affect your sale.

Here are some examples of what to avoid on social media.
1.    Telling everyone why you are moving.  For example, you may not want to announce that you have been transferred to Calgary and start a new job in two weeks.  This tells people you are highly motivated to sell and fast.
2.    Telling too much about your house.  Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in a house – not just you and your family living there.  You can say what you’ll miss about the house but leave out the very personal details.
3.    Sharing how many showings you have or have not had.  If you have not had the amount of traffic you’d hoped for or, if you baked a dozen cookies for an Open House and nobody showed up, don’t mention it on your social media.  A buyer may interpret that to mean that the house is overpriced or that the seller is worried and more motivated to see any offer.
4.    Sharing details about the home you just bought.  If you have purchased another home without having sold your present one, you may want to hold on to that news for awhile.  Again, sharing info that says your motivation to sell has just gone up big time suggests you may be motivated to sell quickly and for less money.
5.    Telling all your friends about the details of your negotiations.  This part of the process can be frustrating or interesting enough that you really want to share your story as it unfolds.  Ranting is not helpful at all and may give away what you are thinking, or even offend your buyer.
6.    Don’t talk negatively about your home.  You’d think this would be obvious but I have seen people mention that they hate their small closets or their ugly kitchen.  Worse, they are moving because of their neighbours.  Any off-hand remark like these could cost you a sale.
7.    Remind your kids, spouse and close friends to follow these same rules!

What you should do on social media

If you are active in using social media, then by all means, use it to market your home to your personal network. You can highlight why you love the home and neighbourhood.  You can link to a virtual tour, MLS listing, agent feature sheet or property website that lets people get more information easily.  Make sure any enquiries or requests to view your home are passed on to your REALTOR® for follow-up.

One last comment.  It is always best to assume that you and your property will be searched by your buyer.  Make sure your online presence does not compromise your negotiations.

It’s always a pleasure to meet new people and to assist them in meeting their real estate goals.  If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller consultation with me, please feel free to say hi on Facebook, send me a message or call at 705-446-1762.

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