If You Are Thinking About Renting Out Your Blue Mountain Condo or Chalet, Read This

Last week, the Ontario Municipal Board decision finally was handed down in regard to the Blue Mountain, short term accommodation by-law.   The OMB approved the Town of The Blue Mountains’ planning regulations which means that short term acommodation rental units in the municipality will be regulated to control and reduce negative impact on nearby low density residential areas.

Here is what it says on the Towns’ website:

For a number of years, Town residents have been concerned with the number of dwellings within low density residential areas that have been used by vacationers for the purposes of short term rental  accommodation. During the Board Hearing, which took place in September 2010 and January 2011, several community residents came forward as witnesses citing noise, parking, garbage, nuisance, mischief, and vandalism to property as common problems relating to short term accommodation units and their users.

David Finbow, Director of Planning and Building said, “This is a tremendous success for our community.  It was through the patience, diligence and cooperation of our residents that we were able to achieve this success.  Council will now consider the most efficient way to enforce the regulations, including a possible licensing regime. The public will be kept informed as we move through this process of regulating short term accommodation rentals.”

It is worthwhile noting too that most municipalities prohibit or restrict short term rentals in low density residential areas.

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  1. Mary O'Donnell says:

    short term rentors are the lifeline to tourism in Collingwood and the Blue Mountain area. It would bring a reduction in $$ flowing into the area and perhaps some of the owners would have difficulty in maintaining their units. Needless to say, it was quite apparent when purchasing units around the ski hills and/or this area, that owners should expect increase in traffic flow, etc.

  2. Marg says:

    This is such a tricky issue. On one hand, you are quite right that people rely on the income from short term rentals but on the other hand, people live in residential communitites were they don’t expect commercial types of operations next door. There are arguments on both sides of the coin. To me, it’s a question of zoning – some areas should allow it and others not which is more or less what the OMB has ruled as far as I understand. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Mary O'Donnell says:

    If new zoning is implemented, those owning condos in the no-zone renting area, would find that the value of their condos will be reduced when selling. If that is the case, there should be a reduction in realty taxes for those owners. This should not happen. Perhaps also maintenance fees should be looked at.

    Just for your information, I am not a condo owner.

    However, I have been looking at the Collingwood area and would need to know what areas are affected, should I chose to buy.

    The other question is “how does Wasaga handle this sort of this”. Do they have a restriction on the zoning by-laws?

  4. Marg says:

    As far as I know, every municipality in Ontario restricts usage in residential areas depending on the zone and Wasaga Beach is no exception. Same as Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Meaford and yes, even Toronto. People who have been renting out their homes for under 30 days at a time in residential zones where this is not permitted, have been breaking the law all along and should have checked the zoning when they purchased. It was rarely enforced unless there were complaints. Under the new rules in Blue Mountain, owners can be grand-fathered if they operated as a rental prior to 2004 and, people can still apply for a proper licence.

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