Is There A Mouse In The House? Or a Raccoon, Squirrel or Bat?

Yes, we have rodents in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain areas.  C’mon, you didn’t think we were immune to it, did you? Why is it that buyers are so shocked when they find out rodents infiltrate homes here too?  Sheesh.  You should see the bats at our house!

I can’t tell you how often I’ve shown houses or chalets where there are mousetraps tucked back into kitchen cupboards or behind and under furniture.  Sometimes I notice raccoon feces outside near a corner of a chalet.  Holes and missing earth under a shed is also common.  All of these things spell CRITTERS IN THE HOUSE!  Eek!

Unfortunately , as cute as they are, unwanted animals can do a great deal of damage in a home in a relatively short period of time.  They can disturb and destroy insulation in attics and walls, chew on wires and cause fires, stink up a place to high heaven, nest in your linens and so on.

Perhaps it is just coincidence but it seems to me that the problems have been getting worse in recent years; perhaps due to all the building?  I’m not sure.  I did however want to learn more about the problem and the resolutions so, on the last home where we found problems, we called Doug Bridle at Critter Cops to come and have a look.  He very quickly followed clues to determine that raccoons were nesting in an attic and, he found their point of entry in just a couple of minutes.  It seems they were climbing up a cedar hedge close to the foundation, up onto a lower roof and then shimmying up a downspout to a hole in the soffits.  They were leaving a trail of feces both on the ground by the cedar tree and on the shingles of the lower roof.

Doug set a trap every day until there were no more catches.  Amazingly, it took 9 days.  9 days!!  There were 9 raccoons living in the attic!  Eek.  He then sealed up the entry point and ensured there were no other holes.  After that, the owners of course had to arrange for a complete clean-up of the attic interior and re-insulation.  An expensive job thanks to Rascal and company.

This problem is common not only in rural homes or vacant chalets but in-town as well.  If you suspect rodents are inviting themselves over, don’t let it slide.  Take action right away before a little problem becomes a big and costly one.

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