Keeping the Friendship Ball In Play

Sometimes life throws you little curves and yesterday, it was a curve BALL for me.

I’ve always been intrigued by a few of the regular Canadian bloggers on a real estate site I frequent (ActiveRain) and in particular, Sylvie Conde in Toronto has always caught my attention.  Just read her blog to see how unfailingly kind and generous of spirit that she is all the time.   (BTW, I have no idea what Sylvie even looks like.  This gal doesn’t have a single photo of herself on any site anywhere!)  Well, today Sylvie threw me a Friendship Ball which quite frankly, I had not heard of before.  (Yes, sometimes I live under a rock).  Anyway, a little homework and I found out that it’s certainly a gift that keeps on giving and Sylvie, I’m honoured!  Thank-you for being so nice.

So now it’s my turn to throw this lovely ball to two more ActiveRain friends.  How in heavens name am I supposed to do that?  I find everyone there so interesting and really think I’d like to be friends with just about all of them.  But chose I must so here comes that ball…

First up is my new friend, Kathy Clulow from RE/MAX in Uxbridge.  Kathy is a true promoter of her region.  She also remembers special challenges or interests that us other bolggers may have and is always sure to pass on something that may fall into that area. (I’m also cheating a little because I know Kathy will share this ball with her MARVELOUS husband Barrie  who has taught me tons about understanding the techie side of things.)  And, the ball goes to them (both) because they also took the time to get in touch and visit with me when they visited Collingwood.

The second toss goes to Larry Estabrooks from Moncton, New Brunswick.  I love the way Larry views the world and his attention to what is right.  He’s a born leader and teacher who I admire and learn from every time he posts or comments.  I really, really hope someday that I get to meet him.

There really are terrific REALTORS® out there in the blogosphere and I’m proud to have the chance to connect and learn from them almost every day.

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  1. ladysamm says:

    Dearest Marg…thank you for your informative blog and for taking my call..
    When the real estate market is uncertain and as a seller I know that more than anyone it is refreshing to find something that spells it out.

    As a nation ( Canadian) we can handle any upset or challenge as long as we know what to expect …IN this case patience…well that I have with a sense of humour. So our home is reduced again today and we will pray another wonderful couple with money can afford to move in and feel as happy as we have been these past 11 years …

    cause you matter lady samm in burlington ontario

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