Majestic Fireplace Health Canada Warning

Consumers are being advised to stop using certain “Majestic” brand fireplaces due to a reported risk of the glass exploding.

The models affected are natural gas or propane fired direct vent Majestic free standing fireplaces, manufactured by CFM Inc. (who are no longer in business) bearing trade names Insta-flame or Northern Flame; Models FSDV22, FSDV30 andFSDV32, Series.

If you have one of these models or even if your model number is in the ‘series’, which could have a suffix such as “N” or “T” or “R” for example, Health Canada is advising to immediately discontinue it’s use.

What to do about this:

Discontinue use of the fireplace and have the fuel supply disconnected.  The manufacturer (CFM) is no longer in business, so there is no retro-fit available to fix this problem.  Get in touch with a licensed gas technician for disconnection.

According to Health Canada,

“Since 2006, there have been six (6) incidents involving these fireplaces reported to the Technical Standards and Safety Authority of Ontario (TSSA). In these cases, delayed ignition occurred expelling glass into the living space causing personal injury. Health Canada has received one (1) report of this fireplace’s glass exploding and no injury was reported.

Models FSDV22, FSDV30 and FSDV32, Series bear a Canadian Gas Association (CGA) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification mark. Delayed ignition tests, per the CSA standard, were conducted on a sample fireplace by the TSSA and CSA. During testing, the fireplace’s relief dampers did not prevent the glass from blowing out. The concern is that the relief dampers do not adequately relieve the pressure caused by a build-up of unburned natural or propane gas when ignition is delayed. If someone tries to light the fireplace when there is a gas build-up, an explosion could result expelling the fireplace glass into the living space and causing personal injury.”

Read the full warning here.

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  1. Fran says:

    I have a Manestic model DR333 RP direct vent Propane insert and it has started exploding during use which causes the glass to shake violently. Sometimes the sound of it exploding is so loud it wakes me up and it can be heard at the other end of the house. I have turned it off and plan on having it removed ASAP.

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