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It’s been so busy here in the Collingwood-Blue Mountain area of late.  Several times a day, something comes to mind I’d love to share with you but there just don’t seem to be quite enough hours in the day.

This spring has been amazing with outstanding weather and lots of things going on in the area.  In the last week, I’ve been to Meaford, Thornbury, the Village at Blue, Wasaga Beach and all point in between and can report that they are all looking fabulous! So am I!  Just kidding on that last part.

The new Collingwood Public Library had it’s official opening last week which was well attended by hundreds of people.  It would seem that everyone is taking real pride in this community asset and I congratulate the remarkable team involved in bringing it to life. I don’t know how Library CAO, Kerri Robinson, juggles so many balls at once.  Maybe she hides some scotch among the books somewhere?
While we have a new asset with the Library, plans for another have been put on hold.  Due to mounting costs that are now expected to be at least $2 million over the originally approved budget, the proposed wellness centre at Heritage Park is on hold. Goodness, who did the budget forecast?  Methinks they found Kerri’s stash.

The revitalization project in downtown Collingwood is continuing and it looks great.  The first block opened last week and the whole project will be complete before the Elvii’s come to town in July.  The final paving is now underway on First Street and again, it looks great.  Traffic flows better with the new turning lanes but the construction does slow things down a bit for now.  I for one have found secret alternative routes but I’m not telling you where they are.  No, i have not yet driven through anyone’s backyard.

The big controversy in Collingwood at the moment is the decision by Council to require outdoor patios on the main street to relocate away from the buildings to the curb side instead.  The sidewalks are public space and issues have been raised about accessibility and impact on neighbouring business.  Nonetheless, it would seem that the VAST majority of people are opposed to this decision and it is generating a great deal of commentary and anger.  I wonder what would happen is all the patio owners defied the new by-law.  Hmmm, would they all be charged?  Would citizens unite in a court room reminiscent of a TV movie of the week?  Like that old movie when Santa Claus was on trial?

Speaking of controversies, the much opposed Site 41 landfill issue is over.   County council voted to ask the Province to remove the Certificate of Approval putting the issue to rest for once and for all. The Province complied just hours later. This was truly an example of democracy at work since it was citizen protest that led to this outcome.

There were two bear sitings reported last week-end between Collingwood and Stayner.  I must say, I have never heard of a bear in the area before and was quite surprised.  Seems there are reports all over central Ontario of similar situations and surely, the endless development and displacement of wildlife corridors is causing challenges for our wildlife.  Or maybe Yogi and Boo Boo was just enjoying a picnic?

Our controversial MP, Helene Guergis was back in the house last week after several weeks absence.  Since she was thrown out of caucus by Harper for reasons that are not yet clear, she is now sitting as an Independent.   Speaking of politics, it seemed like Provincial Liberals were everywhere a couple of week-ends ago as they gathered at Blue Mountain Resort for their 2010 Conference called, “Imagining Ontario’s Future.”   I hope our gorgeous surroundings were a good source of inspiration.

After a year of development, I’m delighted to have finally launched my new website and blog this week.  The old ones were the first real estate agent website and blog in the Georgian Triangle area.  In just a few short years, they became out-dated and the new site reflects a more modern, informative and legible design.  I hope you like them and all feedback is most welcomed.

Finally, I’m sad to report that none of the five cameras from the As You See It camera project have made their way back yet.  I’m a tad surprised but then again, it’s early.  Has anyone spotted them?

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  1. I’m excited about the new library that opened, it’s a great asset to the community! Also, I rally hope you get those cameras back. It will be really interesting to see all the places they have been.

  2. Pennie says:

    Oh what a shame!! I really was looking forward to seeing the results. Did you just ‘drop’ the cameras for people to find or did you make the locations known? And have you checked back that they have been picked up?

  3. Mike says:

    Oh come on Marg. You DO look fabulous!

  4. Marg says:

    Thanks all for your comments – especially YOU Mike for being so generous!
    About the cameras – don’t despair, I hear from other projects they can take 8-10 months or longer to reappear. I’m keeping the faith.

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