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Late last year, the Anglican Church  in Collingwood organized and hosted a lecture series entitled,  “No Place Like Home”.  The impetus behind this 5-part series was to get people thinking about the realities of living in our community in the hope that sharing of knowledge leads to change.

As the opening speaker, my talk examined where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going both as a North American society and as a community.  I make the point that it is my belief that our current communities are no longer sustainable and radical change is surely ahead if our communities are to remain livable in every sense; economically, socially and environmentally.  I take a look at real estate realities that contrast things like average house prices, incomes and rental rates in Collingwood ten years ago compared to today.  There is also discussion about initiatives currently under way that are leading to change.

If you have half an hour to spare and are interested in this topic, here’s a video of my presentation and I’ll post the other sessions in the weeks to come.

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  1. greg says:

    “Marg” Great Job! I love the way you merge hind sight and forsight into a simple vision for the town! Such passion is rare!!
    Just one thing, “Why didn’t you ever run for Mayor”?

  2. Marg says:

    What a nice thing for you to say. Funny, I have been asked before about getting involved at the political level but find it is far more effective working together with people behind the scenes over time and one step at a time. Clearly you are someone is thinking about these issues too and that’s what leads to positive change. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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