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Just last week, we listed a home for sale in one of the newer subdivisions in town.  Now it should be mentioned that many homes in the area have been for sale for quite some time and, in Collingwood in general, about 45% of all homes listed for sale, sell.  That means 55% don’t.

I always remind our sellers that houses need to be in excellent repair, properly presented, clean, uncluttered and very competitively priced in order to sell.  We also know that this advice is more apt to lead to offers in the first couple of weeks and those offers are always the sellers best offers.  After a home has been on the market for a long period of time, it is much more difficult to get close to the original asking price.

So back to the house.  These owners have cared for their home to perfection in the four years they have lived there.  All upgrades were contemporary and tasteful.  The house is immaculate and there is zero clutter.  When I first saw the house, I gave them some minor staging and alteration advice which they heeded.  I also gave them a detailed analysis of the market and so when we set the asking price, they were fully realistic and priced correctly to the market.  So what happened?

We got an offer and sold the house conditionally within 24 hours of putting the sign on the lawn and the sale firmed up a few days later.  Have a look at this video to see how beautifully their home was prepared for sale.

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While about 30% of homes listed for sale in the Georgian Triangle sells, I’m proud to say that 85% to 100% of my listings sell each and every year.  If you would like to schedule a seller consultation with me, please feel free to email me or call at 705-446-1762.

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