Pesticide-Free Lawn Care: Does It Work?

Click to enlargeLike most homeowners in our neighbourhood, John and I take pride in our landscaping.  When we purchased our home 4 years ago, there was nothing but a gravel circular driveway right across the front yard.  The grass was green but chemically dependant.

We replaced the driveway with one made of stamped concrete and we lined it up to the side of the property.  We filled the old driveway in with top soil and seed.  We put in a huge front garden which is totally organic and thrives although we’ve organic-garden-may-08.jpgbeen known to battle a few aphids, ants and slugs.  But alas, the lawn has gone to weed.  We’ve not been the best at watering and, I’m not sure the blades are always sharp on the mower.  John hand fertilized and we even had a commercial fertilizer, not weed killer, applied but the truth is, it now looks sad.  And the grubs have come too.

They say that landscaping can add as much 20% to a homes value and while we’re not at that level, I do think there is a big difference in value between having bare bare-spots-may-27-08.jpgsoil versus something attractive at the front of your house.

Not only is Collingwood pesticide free now (hooray!) but we wouldn’t use them anyway despite the fact that I think we’re one of the only ones on our street that may feel that way.

So, here’s what we’ve done.  We hired Jerome at Garden Holistics to come in and do some soil testing.  The results were dismal.  He then recommended a plan that involves top jerome-may-27-08.jpgdressing, aerating, over-seeding and adding a custom, natural fertilizer blend.  It’ll take a few years perhaps but he feels pretty confident it will work.  So confident that he has agreed to let me follow the story of the lawn’s reaction right here on the blog.

The pictures in this post were all taken this week. 

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