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Let’s say you are driving around on top of Blue Mountain or somewhere near downtown Collingwood scouring the streets looking for real estate for sale signs.  You find some houses that catch your attention.  Chances are you then grab a piece of paper and pen, write down the BBaddress and then look it up on when you get home.  Well, things have just changed.  Now you can look up details of properties for sale instantly on your mobile smartphone. 

Canadian home buyers have long used (formerly as their source for property information.  It is one of the top 75 most visited websites in the country and the numbers just grow and grow with each passing day.

Now, a potential buyer can drive through a neighbourhood, see a house for sale and they can instantly get the information they are looking for on their iphone or Blackberry.  Last week, the Canadian Real Estate Association announced that has gone mobile.  This is great news!

From what I can gather so far, the system has been designed to operate with a Windows operating system which does make we wonder about  users using other platforms.  Has anyone tried this yet?  Viewers will be able to access a summary of listing data including a picture, price, location and a summary of details.  You can access the site by visiting

For REALTORS®, we have had mobile access to our MLS® system for some time now although my Blackberry was not enabled to do so.  Until recently.  I just upgraded to a Bold 9000 and the first thing I did was surf over to our internal MLS® site.  Lo and behold, there it was!  I’m excited to have this capability now.  So often, I’ll be out with a buyer, pass a home and they’ll ask me a specific question about it that I don’t know the answer to without looking up the listing details.  (With almost 2000 properties on the market at any given time, it would be impossible to remember the taxes, the price or any other details on each one!)  Now we can find the answer together quickly and on the go.

For the youngins’ out there who grew up with technology, this is a no brainer.  For us old dogs, keeping up with technology is a constant challenge.  In this case, I’m glad to say that this will be easy for anyone with a smartphone.  Even I get it.

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