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As a result of privacy legislation introduced in Canada over the last year, consumers can expect privacy with respect to their confidential information.  There have certainly been significant changes within the real estate industry governing the collection, storage and use of information. 

This fall, new legislation will give consumers the power to eliminate most telemarketing calls to their land line and cellular phones if they wish.  As explained in a report on the CBC website, the Canadian “Do Not Call” Registry will be modeled after the American system which blocks over 80% of unwanted calls.  Personally, I couldn’t be more pleased.  Not only do I really dislike getting unsolicited sales call at home but, I also have a level of discomfort with people in the real estate business using telemarketing to generate business. I have never once felt the need (or desire!) to do so myself in almost 19 years in this business.
A statement on Industry Canada’s website says:

“Once the list is operational, Canadians who do not wish to receive calls from telemarketers will be able to add their telephone number to a single centralized list that telemarketers will be required to download regularly and respect. Both the United States and the United Kingdom have similar systems.

Penalties of up to $1500 per offending call for individuals and up to $15 000 per offending call for corporations would be imposed for telemarketers who fail to respect the list. Funding to operate the list will be obtained on a cost-recovery basis from telemarketers themselves.”

Bell Canada has recently been awarded the contract to operate the registry and compliance guidelines can already be found on their website. 

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  1. Norm Fisher says:

    Yay! We are always amazed when the telephone rings in our home at 9:30 pm and it’s a telemarketer. I’m sure I’ll be one of the first to join the list. Like you Marg, I don’t think it’s a great way to win business. I remember one broker had me doing it when I was brand new to the business. I hated every second of it. Today, I have some management responsibilites in my office. I always tell new agents not to make “cold calls.” Knowing how much I resent them, I just don’t think it’s good for business.

  2. Marg says:

    I’m glad you agree. In my house, the calls always come at dinner time.

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