The Collingwood Christmas Magic Has Begun

I particularly love two events in Collingwood.  One is Canada Day and the other is the annual lighting of the town Christmas tree.  These are the events that bring everyone out in full force and we can really see the wonderful collage of people that make up Collingwood.

My hubby was out of town yesterday so I took advantage of getting caught up on some work.  At about 4:45, I decided I couldn’t miss it – had to go down and see the Santa Claus parade and then the tree lighting and fireworks.  I couldn’t think of anyone’s kids or grandkids I could borrow on such short notice so, I quickly grabbed my coat, hat and mitts, and headed downtown on my own.

It was FREEZING!  I bundled up to a degree but didn’t go so far as long underwear and other base layers.  Should have.  It was below zero and that parade was long.  I mean, LONG.  Dogs, drums, pick-up trucks, Church floats, businesses, flag bearers, banner carriers, people in costumes… it just didn’t quit.  Alas, I couldn’t  make it past the 90 minute mark and ducked off to the warmth of my car. I actually missed the lighting of the tree but, did manage to catch the excellent fireworks.

I came home disappointed in myself because I had hoped to get a picture of the tree for you.  Well lo and behold – a Christmas miracle.  Chris just sent me this one! Check out the tree AND fireworks.

What a team and what a pair.  Sometimes I think we share DNA.  Thanks Chris.

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