The Listing Photo of Your Home Shows What?!

no imageThe other day, I was looking through our MLS listings and came across a home for sale with SNOW in the picture.  What???  It turns out, the property has been listed, with an agent from out of the area, since 2012 and the pictures were never updated.  Really.

First of all, who lists their home for a full year?  It makes sense to submit a new listing to “freshen” things up.  New photos should be submitted with the change of seasons too.  Actually, photos should be submitted period.  Have you ever looked at listing to find no photos?  That drives me nuts too.  So do…


  • Drive-by, blurry pictures taken on a cell phone
  • Pictures that are so dark I can’t make anything out
  • Pictures of the corner of a room or a toilet
  • Pictures that are taken into a mirror
  • Pictures taken without a wide angle
  • Pets or people in the shots
  • Fuzzy photos
  • Pictures of furniture instead of the room
  • Pictures that have been colourized beyond reality
  • Pictures that have been edited to take out existing, real features
  • Going on MLS to find no pictures at all

I don’t get it.  If we did that, I’m sure our Sellers would be on the horn quickly but some people out there must think it is okay? I usually take anywhere from 50-150 photos of each property I list and then, it takes anywhere from 3-8 hours to edit them before narrowing down to the best shots of the web and feature sheets.  I’ve only ever edited one picture to actually alter it and here it is.  Hint:  It was to do with the artwork.


Just for fun, here are a few actual examples I found on the net:

br rm corner  br messy bedrmbr light br fuzzy

br taximdermy

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