When Buyer and Seller Meet; And a Buddha Comes Along Too

Betty and LynneEvery now and then, a little magic happens in the real estate world.  This is a great story and a first for me in over 24 years in the biz.

A few weeks ago, I listed a condominium home for sale that was owned by a local artist in her 8th decade of life.  She is such a marvelous woman; full of life, interesting roads travelled and ready to move onto her next life adventure.  Her condo was unusual in that every square inch of wall space in the main living area was covered with some of her primitive art paintings and, thDining area2is made it hard Cabinetryto appreciate the beautiful renovations that had been done.  Betty was adamant that the paintings were staying on the walls and so was her Buddha statue in the kitchen.

The very day we listed her home for sale, another agent, Sandee Roberts of Chestnut Park Real Estate, showed it to a prospective buyer and by the next day, a sale was in place.  Well in turns out that Sandee’s buyer has a Buddha too.  She has lived an adventurous life too.  She is marvelous as well.

Last week, we did something unusual.  We decided to get the four of us together – Buyer, Seller and the two agents – for a glass of wine.  The Buyer brought along her Buddha statue!  The four of us, plus the Buddhas and, Josie the dog, enjoyed ourselves immensely and our two clients never stopped chatting for a moment.

Yes, a little magic.

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  1. Heather says:

    Best story ever! Now, which one of those ladies is 80? Because I need to start drinking whatever their magic potion is!

  2. Marg says:

    Betty is on the left. They are amazing women, aren’t they? I think it comes from living a life of adventure, taking chances, art and all those good things. You Heather already have the magic potion!

  3. Sue Anderson says:

    Can’t wait to visit Lynne in her new place

  4. Marg says:

    Well, I sure hope you know her or else it would be, you know, weird. 🙂

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