You Can Get Instant Access to all Collingwood – Blue Mountain Area Listings

Are you interested in getting instant access to MLS® listings of properties for sale in the Collingwood Blue Mountain areas?

Chances are that a good number of people reading this will answer yes.  Statistics show that most people who visit a real estate website or blog for the first time are primarily interested in one thing:  listing information.  Well for you, I have some good news.

First of all, you can surf around MLS® listings on your own by clicking here.  It’s useful but the information is limited and it’s a little tedious to wade through everything just to see what’s new.

Now, there is an even better option.  By quickly filling out a form with a few details, you can have your very own private website of listings that match your personal criteria.  You’ll get up to the minute and instant access to listing details including the property address, photos, price, size, taxes and more for each listing that generally matches the criteria you choose.  You can save or delete listings and you can unsubscribe at any time. 


It’s free, it’s easy and there are no catches.  I promise.  Give it a try! 

When it’s time to buy or sell real estate in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain or Georgian Triangle area, contact Marg, an experienced and competent Broker who’s ready whenever you are!

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is an award-winning real estate Broker who has successfully been helping people move since 1989. When it’s time for a move in or out of a bigger, smaller, better, more expensive, less expensive, newer, older, house, condo, farm, investment property, vacant lot or business, talk to Marg.

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  1. Norm Fisher says:

    Very nice Marg. Your clients and guests are really going to love this. Most people find to be a little lame. An address is pretty key to qualifying properties. Did you folks just switch to Filogix?

  2. Marg says:

    We switched a couple of years ago but this feature is fairly recent and I just love it! Do you use Filogix over there in Saskatoon?
    BTW Norm, you are such a great innovator and your clients must just adore you for all you do.

  3. Norm Fisher says:

    You’re very kind Marg.

    We don’t use Filogex but I’ve seen a complete demo of the system and like it a lot. We are in the process of switching to Tarasoft’s Matrix system so we’ll finally be web based, and it’s about time. Right now, I use a couple of Virtual Office Website solutions that allow me to provide clients with access to the MLS. People like be kept up to date this way. Filogex provides a fairly attractive interface. It looks good.

  4. Marg says:

    I’m surprised to learn that you are only going web based now. I’m sure you’ll love it although I am not familiar with the Tarasoft system. Also, I note that we have very different rules in our boards that limit what we are able to do. As we do not own the mls data, we cannot use it outside of the Board provided system.
    Thanks for visiting my blog Norm and I hope we’ll meet one day.

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